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“Causa” (Cause) is one of the most representative recipes of Peru. It’s a unique combination of textures and flavors that makes it attractive to local and foreign palates. . In this article you will learn how to make Causa Rellena.

It is nothing more than mashed golden Peruvian potatoes mixed with yellow hot pepper sauce, oil, and a bit of lime. It is stuffed with a wide variety of products – being tuna and vegetables the most traditional ones and served cold. Its versatility allows for multiple eye-catching presentations. 

Many hypotheses exist about the history of this meal, but the most accepted one places the roots in the modern era of Peru, specifically during the Pacific War that confronted Peru and Chile .

It was a conflict that lasted for more than four years and marked the history of South America because it defined the frontiers that separate these two countries and Bolivia.   

At the time, the Peruvian army was suffering severe financial shortages, and it was a challenge to keep the troops fed. The situation was so critical that each soldier received only a piece of cheese per day.

As they moved through the towns, they received the support of the residents, especially the ladies, whom boiled potatoes and offered them to the soldiers.

When giving them the potatoes, the ladies used to say “for the cause” as a sign of support for the common purpose to defeat the Chileans.

The soldiers kept the boiled potato inside their pants’ pocket, and when they had a chance to eat during the battle, what they found was mashed potatoes and opted to wrap their army given piece of cheese with the mash.

Since then, the combination began to become famous, and Peruvian cooks started to more flavors to it. Today it is one of the recipes that most represents Peruvian cuisine.

The base of the dish historically is the potato, specifically the yellow potato. You boil the potatoes and mash them and add some other ingredients (you can find the whole recipe at the end of this article).

The filling also varies today. You can use tuna, chicken, crab, and even beef. Avocado, tomatoes, and onions are also part of the dish. It is so versatile that Peruvian-Japanese restaurants now make maki rolls substituting the rice for the cause dough.

At Flavors Peru Kitchen, you can learn the process of making “Causa” as part of the interactive and guided sampling menu that we serve every day and night. It is a fun, private, and exclusive experience where you will make new friends and taste more than 30 plates of the Peruvian cuisine.

The recipe: ¿how to make causa rellena?


(For 6-8 servings)
1 1/2 kg of yellow potatoes (In USA golden potatoes)

Oil in the necessary quantity

Four to five spoons of vegetable oil.

One cup of grounded yellow hot peppers (Seeds and veins removed)

The juice of two or three limes

salt and pepper to taste


One can of tuna
1 cup mayonnaise
Olives without pits, cut into strips
One avocado
One hard-boiled egg
1/2 chopped onion
Chopped parsley


• The Dough

Boil potatoes with their skin and a pinch of salt.
Cut the chili and scrap all the seeds and veins. Later blend. 
Next, peel the potatoes in hot, crush it in a bowl with oil, the liquified chili, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

Knead until the dough is consistent

Stuffing process

Divide into three portions. With the first line the bottom of a removable mold of 24 cm in diameter, oiled

On top place put the tuna mixed with 1/2 cup of mayonnaise and olives. Cover with another portion of potato and accommodate the rest of mayonnaise, chopped avocado, sliced egg, and onion. Cover with the rest of the potato dough. Let stand for 1/2 hour and decorate with boiled eggs, chopped parsley, lettuce, tomato, etc.


For the filling, you can use the ingredient of your choice, tuna, chicken, shrimps, prawns, or even steamed veggies. 

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