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As you will be able to read here, we have been developing and leading upscale travel expeditions and excursions in the remote corners of all continents for over three decades being recognized for delivering high-quality content, the ideal travel pacing, and constant attention to details.

Food, culinary experiences, cooking classes, and market visits have always been key components of the travels that we have been sharing with our guests well before food trips became a thing and the word foodie even existed. As pioneers of many routes and experiences, we are proud to have been part of the revolution that helped create the fantastic global food scene that we all enjoy today.

When Peru started to, finally and fairly, gain notoriety, more and more we started to get requests to organize culinary experiences in our home country. What a joy!

Since then we have done hundreds of cooking classes and culinary experiences working with local restaurants and chefs, renting most of the leading restaurants, cooking classes kitchens and apartments that are offered today in the cities of Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo, and Cusco.

But we found a few issues:

Problems using restaurants for culinary experiences and cooking classes:

Not only restaurants have not been build for cooking classes and, if they do well (the good ones) will want you out of there at service times (the times you want to eat), chefs in Peru are obsessed with fusion. It is hard to believe, but no one wants to cook the superb Peruvian traditional food the traditional way these days. The pendulum is on its extreme nowadays and asking for the roots is considered offensive. A proper introduction to Peruvian cuisine requires tasting the original flavors, the home food, the herbs, and produce. Chefs in Peru have a tendency to overdo, and travelers tend to leave the country without tasting not once a true Peruvian preparation.

Problems organizing culinary experiences at cooking classes kitchens:

There are many cooking classes sites in Lima and in other Peruvian cities today, and even though some are very basic (choose wisely), many are quite good, with several being excellent.

The mid-range ones were easy to work with, ready to do whatever we wanted for the time we wanted, but sadly, they did not always meet the standards we needed.

On the other hand, the well-designed kitchens brought a different challenge to the kind of experience we wanted to provide to our guests:

You see, the well-designed cooking classes kitchens are build by cooks that have professional training, and they have put all their passion, time, effort, and resources in designing a complete product that is that, a cooking class; they want to teach just like they where taught. This is why all cooking classes offered in Peru today include 2, 3 or 4 preparations max, and they all involve teaching you how to chop onions, tomatoes, garlic, etc.

When we explained to them that most people interested in culinary experiences already know the basics of cooking and would prefer to learn more about the origins of the products, the secrets of the recipes, the stories behind those recipes and to taste more flavors of more regions of the country, the owner would not compromise.

That is when we realized that we needed to create a place, especially to provide real culinary experiences. A place where all of the diverse flavors of Peru could be presented and enjoyed. Where guests could learn and have fun.

The location needed to be ideal, and we found it at the heart of Miraflores district, two blocks away from Huaca Pucllana, the main Pre-Inca temple of the city.

We equipped it with all the needed professional cooking gear, the most advanced multimedia equipment, air conditioning, a complete bar, and lounge, and decorate it with Peruvian art of all regions and historical periods.

The menu and the pacing of the event, which we have named the Peruvian Feast, has been designed to let you experience the most iconic flavors of Peru while learning to prepare many of them, sample all, and learn the essence of Peru through its food.

Everything is included, from your transfer to and from our culinary studio, the food, unlimited alcoholic, and nonalcoholic drinks and recipe booklet.

You can check the whole menu here.

We have lunch and dinner services limited to 10 participants.

It will be a pleasure to show you the true essence of Peru

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